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27 Things You'll Only Understand If You Were Raised By A Teacher

Life is tough when there are teachers at school and at home.

1. When you arrived at school you already knew half the teachers

2. Which was great, until you accidentally called one of them by their first name in front of the whole class

3. You got a lift to and from school every single day

4. But you'd hide every time you drove past your friends at the bus stop

5. Other kids would constantly ask you "Are you Mr X/Mrs Y's kid?"

6. At which point you'd be greeted by one of the following reactions. Either this...

7. Or this...

8. They'd then ask if your mum/dad did your homework for you

9. You didn't really understand why the other kids would freak out about parents' evening

10. If you got in trouble your parents would find out immediately

11. So you didn't get in trouble

12. Everyone would find it hysterical when you called them 'mum' or 'dad'

13. Then there was the day in Year 8 when you found out they'd be teaching you maths for a whole year

14. They were ALWAYS marking

15. And you learnt that you should NEVER interrupt a teacher who's in the middle or writing reports

16. It took you years to realise not all parents had the summer holidays off work like yours did

17. Your parents would always know anyone you were going out with

18. And being an easily embarrassed teen, this meant you ended up not going out with anyone

19. Teachers who didn't like your mum/dad would take it out on you

20. You couldn't go out as a family without someone shouting "Hi Miss!" or "Oi, Sir!"

21. You could never get away with the old, "But I don't have any homework" line

22. It wasn't all bad though. If you got *really* stuck on something, your mum/dad would call your teacher for help

23. You'd find out all the staff room gossip

24. You were allowed to look at your classmates' marks providing you didn't say anything

25. You were never late for school

26. And you were always the first to find out about snow days

27. Which just about makes the fact that you're STILL asked if you're Mr X/Mrs Y's child worth it