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    Singer/Songwriter David Choi promised his fans he wouldn't shave until he finished recording his album. Well recording is complete, and here are some of his beard photos by photographer Melly Lee.

    People glance for an extra second. “Is that an Asian dude with a beard?”

    Melly Lee / Via

    Girls under 25 hate it.

    Women over 26 don’t mind it.

    There’s a small gust of air flowing through your mustache with every exhale from your nostrils.

    You learn that it grows in a certain direction. East for me.

    Your beard eventually grows over your mouth and you decide to either trim it, or use it to collect sauce and other food items.

    Apparently, if you’re an Asian with a beard, you look just like Steve Aoki.

    The beard demands that you stroke it. Especially during conversations. And you look wise doing it.

    Moms hate beards.

    Melly Lee / Via

    Dads are indifferent.

    Beards are like pets. They do a great job of keeping you company.

    You shower, then dry your face thouroughly, but why is your beard always still wet?

    When posting selfies, your #beard gets a hashtag

    Your friends who can’t grow beards make fun of it.

    GADE/AKM-GSI / Via

    Friends who can grow beards can see it as competition.

    There is a sacred spirit that connects all bearded men so when you pass by someone with a beard, we know what's up.

    Melly Lee / Via

    You start forgeting what your face looks like without a beard.

    When you decide to shave it off, you go through a depression.

    Melly Lee / Via

    Beards have souls.

    And finally, Bieber with a mustache just for the hell of it