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An American Police State Advancement - IPhone Iris Software

Police Depts Deploying iPhone-Based Iris, Face Scanning Tech – Police State Technology Ever Think Of America As A Police State? Now You Can! Congrats To Technology License, registration, and iris scan? Police departments have fingerprinting and in many cases, DNA, to help them identify or track down criminal suspects, but usually that requires a trip down to the station. On the streets, more and more police departments are deploying a smartphone-based iris- and facial-scanning technology that slides over an iPhone. Massachusetts-based BI2 Technologies is now producing MORIS, a handheld biometric device that can recognize people based on iris, face, or fingerprints. The Brockton, Mass. police department was the first to try out the technology during a 2010 trial, and it is now expanding to departments like Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and the Rhode Island Department of Corrections. The technology can be used at the station, but for officers on the move, MORIS slides over an iPhone and allows them to use the device’s camera and run photos through iris-scanning and facial-recognition software. A fingerprint option is on the back of the somewhat bulky device, but the department apparently had mixed results with that. If there’s a match—based on the BI2-managed database of criminal records—the officer can see the person’s full criminal history on the iPhone. As the Wall Street Journal noted, deputies are using the tech to identify people without ID, accident victims, or the homeless. Legally, they can do so without permission, but in Pinellas County, Fla., at least, it’s department policy to ask for consent, county systems analyst Scott McCallum told the Journal. The devices cost $3,000 each and weigh 12.5 ounces once added to the iPhone, the Journal said. In Brockton, the devices were funded by a Department of Justice and National Sheriff’s Association grant to the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association. Welcome To America – The Police State So the next time you are pulled over and interrogated by a local police officer for running a stop sign and you get treated like a common criminal, thank George Bush! This post Patriot Act America is nothing more than a Police State. And it disgusts me.

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