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8 Times Drake Was Super Excited To Hang Out With Basketball Players

It's no secret Drake is in touch with his feelings. Here are a few times he was really, really excited and happy to hang out with some NBA players.

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1. Stop it!

Stop it, Lebron! / Via

Stop it, Lebron!

2. Too Funny

OMG Kobe, get right out! / Via

OMG Kobe, get right out!

3. You Guys Are the Best!

Did you know that? / Via

Did you know that?

4. OMG No Way

This isn't happening right now.

This isn't happening right now.

5. For Real?!

Shut up?

6. All Right, Be Cool

He's basically my best friend in the whole world.

7. So. Cool.

I'm open! Haha, just playin'. You guys are great.

8. For Real, Tho

Just promise me we'll be friends forever.

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