16 Little Kids That Just Killed The Club

You may as well go back to the wall. These kids just killed the club.

1. Nathaniel.

Yeah, you already know what it is.

2. Backflip to Break It Down

Club: dead.

3. Leading the Buccaneers Cheer Squad

Learn how to Dougie here.

4. Style Points

So fresh.

5. Slo-Mo

Straight crushin’.

6. If You Got It, Flaunt It

The kid in the background is in a trance.

7. Atmosphere Is Everything

Dolphin-banana, excellent.

8. Videobomb

Looks like the headline just changed.

9. Just Feel It

Lose yourself in the music.

10. Super Fan

He’s in the buildin’ and he’s feelin’ himself.

11. Dancing King

You spin me right round.

12. Kidz Bop

Let it all fall down.

13. Throwback.

Simpler times.

14. The Natural

Dancing before he’s even awake.

15. Style Points Pt. 2

Can’t touch this.

16. Drake


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