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14 Ways An Octopus Can Save You From The Zombie Apocalypse

The octopus has a million tricks; these are just a few. Get friendly with an octopus when the whole zombie thing goes down.

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1. It Gets Yoked Instantly

Just got done lifting; time to wreck shop.

2. It Runs Fast and Looks Like Something Else

The octopus will never slow you down.

3. It Can Hide Anywhere

They'll never look in there.

4. It Does This Crazy Thing Sometimes

That's pretty confusing, and zombies are easily confused.

5. It Thinks Quickly and Zombies Don't

Oh, you wanna mess with me? Boom. Disguised.

Here's a close-up.

In reverse, it tans really, really quickly, which is probably helpful somehow, right?

6. It Blends Right into the Wall

Hunker down until the zombies pass.

7. It Can Defeat Nature's Ultimate Warriors, The Cats

That which can defeat the cat can defeat anything.

8. It's Good at Building a Coconut House

Boom. Just like that. Wait inside here until the horde moves on.

9. It Knows When It Will Need Something For Later, Too

I'm gonna keep this coconut house for later.

10. It's A Strong Digger

Build a quick subterranean fortress with your new friend.

Like REAL quick.

11. It Will Steal Useful Tools

So close.

12. Its Skin Can Do This and Yours Can't

Those cells are called "chromatophores," and they're cool as hell.

13. It Has the Element of Surprise

That can be the difference between life and death in a zombie battle.

14. It Will Help You Fly Away With Adorable Little Wings


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