13 Animals Getting Ripped For Summer

You think a body like this just happens? It takes work, my friends.

1. Pull-Ups

Only 997 to go.

2. Diving

Perfect form.

3. Treadmill

Don’t forget to carbo-load.

4. Exercise Ball

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

5. Boxing

Patience pays off, especially against Woody Allen.

6. Bearcycling

7. Waterobics

Baby steps.

8. Push-Ups


9. Ballet

You thought he didn’t have a sensitive side?

10. Leisure Swinging

It’s good for… the legs, I guess.

11. Extreme Swinging

The more advanced version ends when you swoop at your partner to let him know its his turn.

12. Zumba

Just zumba.

13. Resting

You have to rest so your muscle can repair themselves.

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