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    10 Workout Fads That Didn't Catch On

    Every once in a while a flash-in-the-pan fitness craze sweeps the country like wildfire. Crossfit did it. Zumba did it. Aerial yoga even did it. These workouts did not.

    1. Rapid Bouncing

    Doesn't seem sustainable.

    2. Way-Too-Many-People Jumprope

    A for effort!

    3. Poodle Aerobics

    Something is wrong.

    4. Pal-Ups

    Physically impossible, but the memories are forever.

    5. Watermelon Spin

    Deemed useless.

    6. Doing This For A Long Time


    7. Treadmill Tumbles

    Oddly mesmerising, but nah.

    8. Face Melt


    9. The Ab Chair

    You don't have to live like that!

    10. The Thruster

    Just makes everyone uncomfortable.