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22 Pictures That Prove The World Isn't A Complete And Total Steaming Pile Of Garbage

Some things are okay, I swear!

Just remember...

1. All the very observant ice cream men:

2. The very observant babies:

3. The neighbors with infinite kindness:

4. All the comforted dogs:

5. The grandchildren doing their part:

6. The powerful nails:

7. The pure love:

8. The great gifts:

9. The very important Aarons:

10. The surprise encounters:

11. The little extra sun:

12. All the goldfish rescue crews:

13. The dads trying their best:

14. The returned favors:

15. The traditions:

16. The well wishes from the past:

17. The master painters:

18. The reunions:

19. The best friends:

20. The special guests:

21. The 20 years of luck:

22. And, finally, just remember this bit of motherly advice: