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    20 Pictures That Show Just How Disgusting Smoking Cigarettes Actually Is

    Imagine the smell.

    By now you've for sure heard a million reasons why smoking is gross - the yellow teeth, the wrinkles, the smell, all that stuff.

    But there's probably one absolutely disgusting thing you haven't thought of...

    1. You see this? This is what happens to your home when you smoke inside:

    tiredoftalkingtoyou / Via

    2. Just remember, you can clean walls but you can't clean lungs:

    3. Look at this!

    This is why you shouldn't smoke indoors. from pics

    4. It's grotesque:

    what cigarette smoke does to a wall from pics

    5. Disgusting!

    The inside of a smokers computer. "No, I can't just blow it out" from WTF

    6. Look at those stains:

    What 30+ years of smoking indoors does to a place from interestingasfuck

    7. Imagine the smell. IMAGINE!

    Curtain from a smokers apartment, after being dunked in a bathtub from WTF

    8. This is the floor just outside a smoker's apartment:

    jousiemohn / Via

    9. And this is the floor in a smoker's bedroom:

    OregonOriginal / Via

    10. Doesn't exactly take a genius to spot the difference here between a smoking and non-smoking area:

    The ceiling of a smoking area in an airport from WTF

    11. Can you tell where that picture was?

    My grandfather smoked back here for 50+ years and this painting was up for at least 40 of them from mildlyinteresting

    12. Can you tell where the sofa was?

    This used to be a white wall. After 25 years of heavy smoking you can see where the sofa and paintings have been. from mildlyinteresting

    13. This isn't modern art. It's tar:

    What it looks like to wash 20 years of nicotine off walls and ceiling. from WTF

    14. This is some gnarly stuff, folks:

    15. This looks like something out of a horror movie.

    16. Heinous:

    Washing the curtains of a smoker who rented from their landlord for 10+ years from WTF

    17. Look at this before and after:

    18. And look at these walls that have been freshly painted compared to stained walls:

    19. I mean, yikes.

    What happens when you smoke indoors for 20 years from pics

    20. Just remember - you can clean walls but not your lungs!

    Smokers.... from pics

    Have a nice day!

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