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25 Reasons Why Bill Nye Was The Best Teacher You've Ever Had


Let's start things off with the most important reason of all...


Now that that's out of the way, listen up and CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:

Imagine a world without Bill Nye...

Doesn't look too good, does it?

Now snap out of it and let's keep talking about why Bill is the best:

2. Bill Nye is the greatest teacher because he just wants to see you learn:

3. And he knows exactly where to find that knowledge:

4. Because he doesn't age, so he can teach you FOREVER:

5. Like, seriously, the dude doesn't age:

6. He honestly may or may not be Abraham Lincoln:

7. Because he taught us all that love exists:

8. Because he'll help you with your bowtie:

Or help you learn piano:

9. Because if he ran for president, it would be a landslide:

10. Because one time in the history of mankind he made this face:

11. Because watching his show was EXACTLY like this:

12. Because his lessons transcend age:

13. And he isn't afraid to act out Act V, Scene 1 of "Hamlet:"

14. He taught us the proper way to hold a globe:

15. And he introduced the world to Joel McHale in "The People's Quart:"

16. Because he looks great travelling through space and time:

17. Not to mention that he also looks great as a naked mole rat:

18. And twerking, too:

19. Because... uhhhh...:

20. Because he just may be Daniel Tosh's father:

21. And because he taugh us that five Bills are better than one:

22. Because he was the original ladies man:

23. Because he taught us how to survive the bite of a wild Shia Labeouf:

24. Because this sight still excites you:

25. Oh, yeah, and he actually had some great advice too: