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23 Reasons Why It's A Really, Really Bad Idea To Adopt A Dog

Why would you ever do that?

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1. Why would you ever want to adopt a dog?

Instagram: @socialteesnyc

4. Look at this picture and give me ONE GOOD REASON! MAYBE TWO!?

Instagram: @bestfriendsanimalsociety

5. Like, imagine having to look at this every single day?

Instagram: @badassbrooklyn

8. Just don't understand why you'd want them around.

Instagram: @rescuepetsofinstagram

9. Don't need this face looking at me all the time.

Instagram: @dekalbanimals

10. I mean, let's be realistic. Imagine how tired your hand would get from all the petting?

Instagram: @socialteesnyc

12. It's just plain dangerous to adopt a dog this adorable.

Instagram: @socialteesnyc

13. I just don't understand why you'd do it.

Instagram: @rescuepetsofinstagram

14. Nope, can't see any reasons to adopt a dog.

Instagram: @socialteesnyc

18. Why would you want to always have this l'il dude by your side?

Instagram: @hawkesbury_animal_shelter

19. Why would you want this beautiful, good boy around all the time?

Instagram: @ilovefamilydog

23. And don't even get me started on this beautiful goddess Linda.

Instagram: @newyorkbullycrew

Nope, no point in adopting at all.

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