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    23 Reasons Why It's A Really, Really Bad Idea To Adopt A Dog

    Why would you ever do that?

    1. Why would you ever want to adopt a dog?

    2. Give me one good reason.

    3. Seriously.

    4. Look at this picture and give me ONE GOOD REASON! MAYBE TWO!?

    5. Like, imagine having to look at this every single day?

    6. Or this?

    7. Or especially this?

    8. Just don't understand why you'd want them around.

    9. Don't need this face looking at me all the time.

    10. I mean, let's be realistic. Imagine how tired your hand would get from all the petting?

    11. You'd get carpel tunnel!

    12. It's just plain dangerous to adopt a dog this adorable.

    13. I just don't understand why you'd do it.

    14. Nope, can't see any reasons to adopt a dog.

    15. None at all.

    16. Like, ???????

    17. Just doesn't make sense to me.

    18. Why would you want to always have this l'il dude by your side?

    19. Why would you want this beautiful, good boy around all the time?

    20. Or this gorgeous l'il fellah?

    21. Nope, no reason at all.

    22. Just can't imagine it.

    23. And don't even get me started on this beautiful goddess Linda.

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