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27 Seemingly Normal Things About American Schools That Confuse The Hell Out Of Non-Americans

"Why do American lunches always include a mini carton of milk?"

1. The start time:


2. Hall passes:

why do american schools have hall passes? is walking in the halls really that serious??? so confused

3. Lockers:

wait do american schools actually have these weird-ass lockers where you put your stuff in??? like it's not just in the movies??

4. Not using numbers:

I don’t understand american school years what the fuck is a freshman or a sophomore why do you have these words instead of the numbers

5. The Pledge:

is it true that in American schools students stare at the flag and recite the pledge of allegiance?? That is sooooo wild to me

6. Cafeterias:

wait, do american schools actually have cafeterias or is it a thing made up in hollywood?

7. The lunches:

..... do american schools actually give u this???

8. And the mandatory milk:

why do American school lunches always include a mini carton of milk?

9. Starting in September:

Why do American school years start in September. Thats weird.

10. Or in August:

Ok but why do American schools start in August anyway. It's still summer, this is madness

11. Water fountains:

Do American schools really have those lil water fountains? I've never seen one in real life before they seem pretty cool

12. Scantrons:

hello american moots is it true ur school tests are like this

13. The bathroom process:

Do American schools really require you to have a physical pass to go to the bathroom?

14. Rival schools:

do schools in america actually have rival schools or is this only a thing in fictional land?

15. School buses:

Do schools in america actually send buses to pick students up of a morning?!

16. Pools:

do american schools actually have swimming pools in them?!??!

17. Cheerleaders:

do american schools actually have cheerleaders? And are those cheerleaders stuck up? I NEED TO KNOW

18. Parking:

do american schools actually have parking lots like is that a thing??

19. The way they look:

Why do American schools look like prison blocks? And what's with the lack of windows?

20. Drama club:

do american schools really have drama clubs that put on shows all the time ?

21. And clubs in general:

why do american schools have clubs for like everything though?? imagine your school having a fishing club aye no thanks x

22. Nurses on the premises:

do american schools actually have a nurse or is that just in tv?

23. Morning announcements:

Do American schools have the school principal give announcements over tv irl or is it a movie thing

24. Vending machines:

Do American schools really have vending machines what the fuck

25. Climbing ropes:

Do American schools actually make their students climb a rope in PE?

26. Snow days:

why tf do american schools get cancelled when theres snow. every january in sweden there is a meter of snow and NOT ONCE have our school cancelled the day. DO IT THE AMERICAN WAY SCHOOL

27. And, just like, lacrosse:

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