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19 Pictures You Were Never, Ever Meant To See In Your Life

So THAT'S what that is!

1. This is what an owl looks like without its feathers:

Basically a little raptor.

2. This is what a tiger's skin looks like:

The stripes are everywhere!

3. This is what the inside of a Magic 8 Ball looks like:

It's not all liquid!

And this is what the die inside looks like:

Look at it.

4. This is what the bottom half of a fire hydrant looks like:

Wayyyyy longer than I expected.

5. This is what your stove looks like with the gas on if you remove the metal tops:

Metal as all hell.

6. This is what the Teletubbies look like without their heads on:

Twitter: @zwanheda

Cursed image.

7. This is what the inside of a cup of ramen noodles looks like:

Truly an outrage.

8. This is what the inside of a high end bowling ball looks like:

A lower end one is just a bunch of crap.

9. This is what the human heart looks like completely drained of blood:

Facebook: PicturesInHistory

Looks like something out of Game Of Thrones.

10. This is what the inside of one of those big lighters looks like:

We've been deceived.

11. This is what's inside that fire alarm box:

It's just a tiny little switch!

12. This is what the inside of a golf ball looks like:


13. This is what the inside of a gas pump looks like:

Life's biggest mystery, finally answered.

14. This is what the ivy running up the side of a building looks like if it falls down:

Imagine how heavy that is.

15. This is what the inside of a pool table looks like:

It's a lot simpler than you'd think after all these years.

16. This is what the inside of a turtle's mouth looks like:

Twitter: @Rainmaker1973

Truly terrifying.

17. This is what the inside of a Red Box machine looks like:

The movie cylinder.

18. This is what paint looks like before you stir it:

Looks like a dead animal.

19. This is what a bathroom without any stalls put in looks like:

Looks like a good group activity.

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