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The 26 Most Stoned Moments In All Of Human History

Bless 'em.

1. The fan of fine art:

2. The gentlest soul:

3. The Shakespeare of our generation:

4. The car snitch:

5. The dog lover:

6. The water bender:

7. The hungriest person alive:

8. The edibles eater:

9. The airplane DJ:

i’m so high that i forgot i had airpods in and asked the flight attendant what song they were playing cause i liked it

10. The slipper joke teller:

11. The mountain climber:

12. The burrito time traveler:

13. This problem solver:

14. The most polite man out there:

15. This crestfallen chips purchaser:

16. The sandwich savant:

17. The Christmas celebrator:

18. The pen waitress:

19. The walking king:

20. The sunglasses-inside guy:

21. The amateur artist:

22. This master planner:

23. The opposite man:

24. The tallest person alive:

25. The regretful mattress purchaser:

26. And this hot dog: