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    35 Super Useful And Fun Websites You Can Spend Literally An Entire Day On

    Because we all have a ton of time on our hands now.

    1. How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

    2. The True Size

    3. What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

    4. Flight Radar

    5. Death By Caffeine

    6. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

    7. Is It Christmas?

    8. Random Name Generator


    10. You're Getting Old!

    11. Is It Dark Outside?

    12. Drench

    13. Have I Been Pwned?

    14. My Fridge Food

    15. Find The Invisible Cow

    16. Cost Of Living Comparison

    17. Radio Garden

    18. Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

    19. How Long To Read?

    20. Hacker Typer

    21. The 60 Second Online Hearing Test

    22. This To That


    24. Quick, Draw!

    25. R2bEEaton's Phonetic Reverser

    26. Does The Dog Die?

    27. Pointer Pointer

    28. Music Map

    29. Still Tasty

    30. Actual Size of an Inch Ruler

    31. Traffic Simulator

    32. Muscle Wiki

    33. Chordify

    34. The Magic iPod

    35. GeoGuessr

    The Space Jam Official Website

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