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    I Can't Stop Laughing At All These People Who Got Absolutely Roasted Into Oblivion On Twitter

    Might be time to pack it in.

    1. On cereal:

    Person who posted a bowl of cereal with milk, then cereal added to it, being told i bet you wipe your ass before you shit

    2. On hard work:

    Person standing in a kitchen who says they bought their first home at age 18 is told to get out of Home Depot

    3. On orange juice:

    person saying they bought orange juice with pope and someone responds did you drink it out of a vatican

    4. On the bus:

    Wild-looking dog sitting on a bus seat, someone wonders why a coyote is on the bus, and someone responds probably because they can't drive

    5. On driving:

    Person driving a car that looks like a washing machine

    6. On deodorant:

    Person tweets that it is deodorant season, so wear it, and someone says they're fairly sure every season is deodorant season

    7. On periods:

    Person who says rolling an ankle is worse than period pain, and someone responds "I'm so glad girls don't have ankles"

    8. On bans:

    Person hoping for a marriage equality ban, and someone tells them "Even if you ban homosexuality, nobody is marrying you"

    9. On repair:

    Someone with a very broken phone being told to "try rice"

    10. On bacteria:

    Person who says some anti-vax nonsense about viruses not being alive, so you can only catch them if they're injected into your body, and someone responds "Your teacher always handed your tests back to you facedown, huh"

    11. On internet apps:

    Tweet of someone blasting conversations on social media, and someone responds "Says James, on Twitter"

    12. On steak:

    Someone posts a photo of very well-done steak with the comment "Y'all argue with people who eat steaks like this?" with the response, "Can't — they still chewing"

    13. On sentence structure:

    Someone saying you can't make a sentence without the letter "a," and someone responds with a long sentence without the letter "a"

    14. On sexuality:

    Person complains about big words like "heterosexual" instead of "straight," a person responds with "People really go on Twitter to brag about their third grade reading level," and the original poster "corrects" them for writing "their" instead of "there"

    15. On kangaroos:

    Person saying dinosaurs didn't exist because they're not mentioned in the Bible, and another person says neither are kangaroos

    16. On shots:

    Someone saying you can't have faith in God if you take the vaccine, and someone points out that they're wearing prescription glasses

    17. On DNA:

    Person who tells an anti-vaxxer if they think the vaccine will change their DNA, they should welcome it

    18. On climate change:

    Person says no one's gonna change the climate because it's just nature, and someone responds that if they ever get really sick, they shouldn't go to the doctor, just die

    19. On wealth:

    Person who says rich people have small TVs and big libraries and poor people have small libraries and big TVs is told that rich people have home theaters

    20. On long-term effects:

    Person who asks what are the long-term effects of the vaccine is told, "Breathing"

    21. On kneeling:

    This person who says they will not kneel and someone says you've never had sex and the other person says my kids are proof I have and the other person says you should stop having sex with your kids

    22. On vulgarity:

    person who says vaginas are vulgar

    23. On rainbows:

    Person says the worst example of cultural appropriation is when gays stole the rainbow from God and is told that a great thing about Pride Month is celebrating LGBTQ achievements like stealing the rainbow from God

    24. On religion:

    Person telling the pope to read the Bible after the pope says Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters

    25. On shots:

    Person who asks if it counts if they identify as a vaccinated person is told they've identified as a dumbass

    26. On percentages:

    Person who says Bernie Sanders should give away 90% of his birthday cake is told that's how birthdays work when you have friends

    27. On shelter:

    Person who says every human being deserves shelter and a meal is told no, for the same reason you don't feed bears, and someone says sarcastically how a human being will lose their natural fear of people if they're fed

    28. On pronouns:

    Person who says they don't have "preferred pronouns" besides "me," which they're told is a pronoun

    29. On the behind:

    Person says "homosexuality is not loving" because anal sex causes significant "pain and torture," and then another person asks if they were conceived via anal sex because they're full of shit

    30. On grammar:

    Person who says women shouldn't have opinions about sports is told "You're an idiot," and the other person "corrects" them for not writing "your"

    31. On IDs:

    Person who says the government  "has your face" if you use facial recognition, and the other person says have you heard of driver's licenses

    32. On gas:

    Person who does not realize they could have lit their gas stove with a candle instead of lighting candles to heat tea when the electricity went out

    33. On cellphones:

    Person wonders how someone who is "homeless but has a working cellphone" and is asked why they're confused that a home costs more than a phone

    34. On Queen:

    Person who thinks the band Queen is from America

    35. And on sex ed:

    Kirstie Alley claims that sex ed hasn't stopped rising pregnancy and abortion rates, and is told that teen pregnancy and abortion peaked in the '90s — like Kirstie Alley