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    32 Tweets That Completely Changed The Way I See The World

    I divide my life into two moments: before I read this post and after.

    1. On breathing:

    I’ve just learned that it’s impossible to breathe and swallow at the same time now I’ve been sitting here trying to do it

    Twitter: @Engidelrio

    2. On division:

    want me to ruin your day? 85 is divisible by 17

    Twitter: @daylightwallsx

    3. On stairs:

    saw a tweet tht said u can’t stand backwards on stairs nd now it’s all I can think about

    4. On spoons:

    spoons are just little bowls on sticks

    5. On bananas:

    The banana is no longer the food item that looks most phone-like. The pop tart is.

    Twitter: @preesi

    6. On lasagna:

    if u had 1 lasagna and u put it on another lasagna, you’d still only have 1 lasagna

    7. On grandparents:

    You’ve probably never seen your grandparents jump before

    Twitter: @LondoWithHundo

    8. On legs:

    Just found out when someone tells you to “break a leg” in an audition it is because they are hoping you end up in the cast. Now my head is exploding

    9. On queues:

    just realised that the 'ueue' in queue is silent...

    10. And on teas:

    11. On birthdays:

    Balloons are strange. It's like, happy birthday, here's a plastic sack of my breath.

    12. On anger:

    “Dammit im mad” spelt backwards is still “Dammit im mad”

    Twitter: @NibblesTheMini

    13. On growing old:

    The list of people older than you never increase.

    Twitter: @MRoopchand143

    14. On soup:

    The ocean is technically soup. It has meat and veg in a salty broth.

    Twitter: @King_Kota_

    15. On toasting:

    Did anyone else not know that the numbers on toasters are minutes!?! I thought it was just different levels of toastiness.

    16. On pizza:

    pizza rolls are just italian gushers

    17. On nursery rhymes:

    I was today years old when I found out that “this little piggy went to the market” doesn’t mean he went food shopping...

    18. On maybes:

    tumblr post reading if you think about it maybe and maybe not means the same thing

    19. On ducks:

    I just realized when your phone autocorrects to “ducking” it means crouching down and has nothing to do with ducks. How did I forget that was a real word

    20. On the past:

    I wonder if, in past times, the space on Earth currently being occupied by my kitchen was the site of an epic life-or-death battle between two giant dinosaurs.

    21. On macaroni and cheese:

    Is macaroni and cheese "mac" because it's short for macaroni or because "mac" is an acronym for macaroni and cheese?🤯🤔

    22. On microwaves:

    Everyone owns a microwave, but there aren’t any microwave commercials.🤔

    Twitter: @GrindModeJoe

    23. On time:

    tumblr post reading my brother mentioned today that he wondered if there was a certain time he had never seen on the clock like what if you go your entire life and just happen to never see 712:

    24. On the body:

    It's weird to think that everything that occurs within your body happens in complete darkness

    Twitter: @LestHeJesse

    25. On discourse:

    I hate the word “discourse” it just sounds like Goofy saying “discuss”

    26. On chicken:

    When you buy and eat half a chicken, you are secretly sharing a meal with a stranger.

    27. On Pokémon:

    28. On washing hands:

    29. On worms:

    Fun Fact: Gummy worms have more bones in them than actual worms.

    Twitter: @ImJonzu

    30. On birthday parties:

    Every child's first birthday party is technically a surprise party

    Twitter: @Ash10Gram

    31. On straws:

    A straw only has one hole in it. Think about that

    Twitter: @ctobias7

    32. And on the world:

    flat-earther: [opens mouth] me: did you know the world is actually just a cat playing with Australia??

    Wow. Everything is different now.