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23 Tweets People Under 20 Will Never Even BEGIN To Understand

Truly the end of an era.

1. The 15 foot dash:

2. The walk of fame:

3. Age in a nutshell:

4. The realest millennial struggle:

5. The intoxicating high:

6. Those little plastic sheets:

7. The infamous OUTSIDE FRIDGE:

8. How to tell someone's age:


10. Mail time for dad:

11. The only way to know a new generation has begun:

12. Killing time in '06:

13. The ultimate iTunes struggle:

14. The pure EXCITEMENT:

15. How games used to work:

16. The 2007 call to duty:

17. What it meant to be punk in 2007:

18. Technological wizardry:

19. Ancient technology:

20. The custodian rolling out the sawdust every damn day:

21. The horror:

22. An update on your family:

23. And, finally, what growing older really means:

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