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20 Tweets About Reopening Schools All Teachers And Non-Teachers Need To Read

Something to think about.


Kids cough like this in public and the government thinks it’s a good idea to open schools back up. Yeah ok


My high school couldn’t even keep soap and toilet paper restocked. You really think they’re going to be able to sanitize schools properly to reopen?


Schools will cancel over the threat of bad weather but they expect your kids on the bus during a global pandemic.


Can’t keep 900 baseball players safe with almost unlimited resources but sure we can protect millions of kids jammed into schools where teachers have to raise money on GoFundMe for like pencils and shit.


school board: it’s completely safe for kids to go back to school teachers: so you met in person to discuss this school board: lmao what are you nuts of course not


Schools can't even control lice, you think they can control Covid-19.



If Major League Baseball, a multibillion dollar industry awash in cash, can't keep a couple thousand players/coaches safe from COVID-19 for even one week, how are cash-strapped school districts supposed to do so?


My daughter on in-person learning: "They couldn't keep the bathrooms clean; how are they going to disinfect the whole school daily?"


Lmao they’re having the school board meeting over zoom because it isn’t safe to meet in person TO DISCUSS HOW THEYRE GONNA SEND THOUSANDS OF KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL


so schools can’t force students to wear a mask... but they can force girls to cover up when they wear a spaghetti strap tank top??? ok.


It’s good to know the powerful United States economy depends on public schools. Now explain why public schools have to hold fundraisers, bake sales, and have students donate Kleenex.


So puzzled that schools can't regulate if students wear a mask but can measure shirt hems, adjudicate whether a top is sleeveless, and judge what is acceptable hair color.


Like 1/3 of the Marlins baseball team caught COVID-19 ... millionaires with the best medical advice/protections available ... but let’s open schools with teachers making shower curtain protective dividers.


If you’re keeping score at home, it’s too dangerous to hold the convention in Jacksonville but safe to open schools.


The speed we went from “Teachers are underappreciated, we should pay them triple!” to “Get in the classroom and watch the children so we can get back to work, even if it kills you” is quite breathtaking.


So baseball players will get tested for COVID-19 every two days. How often will teachers and students be tested?


If you’re having a zoom call to decide whether to open schools rather than an in person meeting I think you should know the answer.


1995: There are six inches of snow. School is cancelled. 2020: There's a global pandemic that will kill some of your parents and teachers and a few of you. Don't miss the bus.


Bedtime reminder: wear a mask tomorrow and the next day and the next day etc xoxo a teacher who wants to go back to her classroom and actually teach

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