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    20 Of The Absolute Dumbest Arguments People Have Made Against Increasing The Minimum Wage

    You gotta be kidding me.

    Here's the deal: The federal minimum wage has been $7.25 an hour for the last 12 years, and now that Democrats control both houses of Congress and the presidency, many are calling on them to raise it to $15 an hour.


    Twitter: @Afromanticist

    Across the country, people are quitting their jobs, having realized that $7.25 an hour just ain't worth it.

    A hand-written sign at a Wendy's that says, "We all quit!! Closed!!"

    Of course, as always in America, there are a lot of people who don't want a federal minimum wage increase to happen. Here are some of the worst arguments they've made:

    1. "Taco Bell prices will go up":

    Tweet saying that $15/hour will lead to sit-down restaurant prices; rebuttal is that McDonald's employees in Denmark make $20/hour and Big Macs went up by 80 cents

    2. "People need to work for peanuts":

    Sen. Tim Scott tweets that we can't encourage people to make more money in unemployment than employment; response tweet asks why giving people enough to live on is more than minimum wage

    3. "People on minimum wage in the US live like kings":

    Series of tweets: Poor people in the US have better standard of living than upper class of many countries; why not help everyone we can; no one dies from starvation in the US; link to Wikipedia article on hunger in the US

    4. "Eggs and milk will cost $6 (which is already the price of eggs and milk)":

    "When you get that $15/hour minimum wage, don't be crying about $6 eggs and milk"

    5. "You're a failure if you work a minimum wage job":

    “If the only job you’re qualified for is a minimum wage job, you are a failure”; response: “What about the fact that a lot of minimum wage jobs have turned out to be vital?”

    6. "The minimum wage should actually be zero dollars":

    “The minimum wage should be $0.00. Google supply and demand. Google capitalism.” Response: “LOL OK, so, slavery”

    7. "People don't deserve it":

    “What if low-wage workers created more *value* for others and actually *deserved* higher wages?” Response: “Good to know you’ve never used a public restroom, eaten at a fast food restaurant, or shopped at a grocery store”

    8. "A fast-food worker shouldn't make so much":

    Advice to people who don't think fast-food workers should earn more than they do is to make similar demands, because they're drastically underpaid

    9. "There actually SHOULD be jobs people can't live off of":

    "Not every job should have a living wage; that's not a healthy society"; response: " are those working these jobs meant to live?"

    10. "People will buy luxury cars on $15 an hour":

    11. "Just look in the 'Sunday paper'":

    First tweet: "People today are just spoiled to shit. ... Lots of jobs pay more than minimum wage, just look at the Sunday paper"; response: "You're not mad someone else might make $15/hr, you're mad you're not making $35/hr. And you should be"

    12. "People aren't meant to be able to live off of minimum wage":

    13. "Just find a better job":

    14. "I got by on $6 an hour in 1902":

    15. "People will make six figures at $15 an hour":

    16. "You just need to work harder":

    17. "They already make too much":

    18. "What about Australia":

    19. "Kids these days have no work ethic":

    20. "My job is harder":

    The first comments reads, "Very disrespectful, especially when you couldn't keep a job at McDonald's"; the second comment reads, "Ok mom, you didn't have to go that far with it, just a post"

    In conclusion:

    "So a high school junior should make $15 per hour?" Answer: "Yea"