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    23 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up What It Means To Be An Adult


    1. Being an adult is about those things that bring you joy:

    tweet about replacing sponges bringing you joy

    2. It's about learning how the world works:

    tweet about wondering why everything is always dusty

    3. It's about time management:

    tweet wondering how people work, go to the gym, and cook all in one day

    4. It's about learning what your elders were going through:

    tweet about realizing how teachers are human beings because your friends are teacher snow

    5. It's about treating yourself:

    Who knew the the most taxing part of being an adult is trying to figure out what the fuck to have for dinner every goddamn night until you die

    Twitter: @urbanhymnal

    6. It's about finally connecting the dots:

    tweet about understand why your mom always wanted to lay down

    7. It's about setting goals:

    Adulting is having the same sunglasses for over a year without losing them.

    Twitter: @MatterMote

    8. It's about life lessons:

    tweet about how fruits expire way too fast

    9. It's about aging calmly and gracefully:

    18th birthday: cant wait to be 21 19th birthday: cant wait to be 21 20th birthday: cant wait to be 21 21st birthday: YEET 22nd birthday: time is fleeting; my days left on this earth are numbered

    Twitter: @katielienemann

    10. It's about being fiscally responsible:

    Yall Ever Put a $7.02 Pack of Chicken Back and Got a Pack That Was $6.98???😭

    Twitter: @swaggtherapper

    11. It's about getting your exercise in:

    tweet about grunting every time you do something now

    12. It's about enjoying the ride:

    tumblr post about time moving faster now that you're an adult

    13. It's about finding the things you love:

    One of the weirder things about being an adult is having a favorite stovetop burner, yet nobody talks about it.

    Twitter: @donfrijole

    14. It's about understanding your parents:

    Now that I’m an adult, I understand why my mom was so upset when I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer

    Twitter: @ParisTyburski

    15. It's about good conversation:

    tweet about hating to pick up the phone

    16. It's about finding those special "adult" things:

    When I was a child, I thought the "adult drink" was coffee. When I became a teenager, I thought the "adult drink" was beer. As an adult, I've realised the "adult drink" is in fact... water.

    Twitter: @annabrandberg

    17. It's about understanding the lessons of your youth:

    tweet about tommy pickles saying i don't want sponserbilieries no more and you understanding that

    18. It's about those hard talks:

    tweet about having the we have food at home talk with yourself

    19. It's about continuing to learn:

    peak adulting is when you start using the phrase “they done lost their damn mind” regarding prices at the grocery store

    Twitter: @Mariannoo

    20. It's about remembering the important things:

    tweet about rememering to pick up your laundry

    21. It's about being prepared:

    tweet about having purse and home advil

    22. It's about getting stuff done:

    tweet about adulthood just being no one knowing what they're doing

    23. But mostly it's about this:

    tweet about lower backs hurting

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