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19 People Who Woke Up One Morning And Immediately Regretted Every Single Decision They Made That Day

In the immortal words of one Joe Girardi: It's not what you want.

1. The person who only has to wait a measly 19 years to get back into their phone:

2. The person who got but a single berry on this cursed muffin:

3. The person who was nearly swallowed by the most dangerous device in the world — the moving sidewalk:

4. The person who learned the hard way about the letter "E" today:

Person with a "Just breath" tattoo with comment, "Isn't it spelled breathe"

5. The garbage truck driver who forgot how to garbage:

6. The person who will never, ever get to find out what's in this box:

7. The person who gave their carpet a beautiful shade of red:

8. The person who gave every person who saw their watch a little peek into their mind:

9. The person who loves their dog very much, I'm sure:

10. The person who had the old classic "Komodo dragon in the shitter" scenario happen to them:

11. The person who'd better grab some tortilla chips NOW:

12. The person whose outlet is forever lost to the wasps:

13. The person who's now going to have to ask someone's older brother to buy them booze:

14. The person forced to deal with Schrödinger's chair:

15. The person whose clothes are going to be extra goopy now:

16. The person who now must shamefully put tongue to laptop track pad:

17. The person whose freezer must've just gotten back from Antarctica with Ernest Shackleton...seriously!

18. The person whose roommate clearly has no respect for their or others' behinds:

19. And the person whose record just got snapped away by a certain thick, muscular alien we know and love by the name of Thanos:

Ah, yes.