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19 People Who Most Definitely Regret Literally Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

Not great, folks. Not great at all.

Sometimes things just don't go your way. Take for example...

1. The person who will forever be trapped upon their roof:

2. The person who must never wipe their derrière ever again:

3. The person who made that classic mistake of buying plates that will kill you if you eat off them:

4. The person who is eatin' good at the dang rabbit conference:

5. The person who's having trouble with their hands melting off while doing dishes:

6. The person who bought what just might be the world's saddest loaf of bread:

7. The person who will hoop their hula no more:

8. The person whose driveway is more dangerous than the dang fields of Verdun... Seriously!

9. The person whose cat will forever be etched in concrete:

10. The person who got to wake up to the sound of champions: a huge-ass saw:

11. The person who was nice enough to share their whiskey with the pavement:

12. The person who accidentally ordered spontaneously combusting gloves for the lab:

13. The person who will forever be stuck watching the train:

14. The person with the luckiest toilet in town:

15. The person who had this incredibly bountiful harvest:

16. The person who might just wanna keep some citronella on hand for the foreseeable future:

17. The person whose roommate truly knows how to keep everyone safe:

18. The person who probably wishes they never heard that sound:

19. And the person who got a little extra protein with their big ol' hunka corn:

They don't call it a MEALworm for nothin', buddy.