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22 People Who Definitely Regret Literally Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment Last Week

Man, that's just the absolute worst.

If it feels like the whole world is out to get you and nothing is going right, just remember...

1. The person who paid handsomely for the world's tiniest burrito:

tiny burrito

2. The person who is eatin' good tonight:

A piece of hair coming out of a fried egg roll

3. The person whose makeup bag absolutely exploded:

Dropped makeup bag with all the liquid makeup spilled inside

4. The person who got a liiiiittle took excited when opening their gift envelope:

Torn money inside an envelope opened too quickly

5. The person whose dog absolutely decimated their passport right before a trip:

broken passport

6. The person who has to watch ads longer than a dang episode of Seinfeld:

"Ad 1 of 2 22:14" with caption "I do not give a shit"

7. The person whose umbrella flew back to its home planet:

Umbrella breaking off from base and flying into the air

8. The person who accidentally cooked their cheesecake on the surface of the sun:

Burnt, blackened cake stuck to a pan

9. The person whose haircut had them lookin' like a Super Mario 64 Goomba:

The back view of a person's uneven haircut with caption, "Decided to try out a new hairdresser"

10. The person who apparently had a small-scale oil spill happen in their kitchen:

Black paint all over the wood kitchen floor

11. The person whose luggage ended up arriving like it had SEEN some things:

Very torn, beat-up-looking luggage

12. The person who tried to be the "full-size candy bar house" and ended up with nothing but disappointment:

A pile of candy, and boxes of it in the background, with the caption "We didn't get a single trick-or-treater"

13. The person whose airplane neighbor just wanted to say hello:

Gross bare feet peeking out of the side of a person's airplane seat with caption, "Why is this happening to me?"

14. The person who is now forever trapped in their driveway:

Neighbor parked blocking a driveway with cars in it

15. The person who found a little furry friend in their grapes:

A spider in grapes

16. The person whose "DO NOT BEND" envelope got bent...oh, it got bent:

A folded large envelope with "Do not bend" circled on it

17. The person who learned the hard way that you should never wash a pillow in the washing machine like this:

Deconstructed pillow in a million pieces in the washing machine

18. The person who will not be eating corn tonight:

corn that went bad

19. The person who ordered a Caesar salad and got a bountiful harvest for their rabbit:

A salad consisting of whole romaine leaves and a tub of dressing

20. The person who made the classic rice–giant-jug-of-salt mix-up:

Rice cooker with pink salt in it cooking

21. The person who broke their car in ways previously thought impossible:

Front tire on a car but at a diagonal

22. And the person faced with Schrödinger's Shrek plate:

A Shrek plate, perfectly affixed into the bottom of a pan, that can't be removed without breaking it