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20 Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

Rouuuuugh stuff.

1. The person whose oven is doubled over in pain:

A broken oven

2. The person whose ham has seen things...terrible things:

"My poor innocent ham."

3. The person whose pair of glasses is now one with the forest:

"It's brown."

4. The person who decided to really stir things up with this recipe:

a person taking their phone out of some cream

5. The person whose turkey was evidently cooked by Satan himself:

"I might've left the turkey in too long."

6. The person whose phone was destroyed to an almost comical level:

"My phone got run over by a TRAIN"

7. The person who was kind enough to let their cat tenderize their pie with their feet:

Cat paw marks in a pie

8. The person whose pie turned out just a bit too goopy:

"My pie did not turn out as planned"

9. The person whose cooking is absolutely fire:

"Mistakes were made."

10. The person who gazed into the abyss and the abyss looked back:


11. The person whose package is hanging out with Pennywise now:

"My package fell down a sewer grate."

12. The person whose oven had to give up:

a broken oven door

13. The person who had to use military technology to see how much of a ding-dong they are:

An infrared turkey

14. The person who added a touch too many sesame seeds to their pie:

Sesame seeds spilled all over a pie

15. The person who will never have to worry about eyewax now:

Someone holding earwax drops and eye drops

16. The person whose pie shall pie no more:

"There goes the pie I made."

17. The person who loves their bird very much, I'm sure:

"Time to get a new remote."

18. The person whose shower needs a shower:

"There's a sewage backup in my shower"

19. The person who had some nice, chickeny coffee:

"Guess which one went in my coffee."

20. The person who will for sure be patient zero for a brand new illness:

"This is how my brother-in-law marinates the turkey."