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19 Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

That is unfortunate.

1. The person whose car is in very, very safe hands:

"That's my car."

2. The person whose cat will be forever immortalized in their kitchen:

cat paws in epoxy paint

3. The person who caused an international eggcident:

Spilled eggs on the floor

4. The person who should've just made cookies:

Brownie batter on a mixer

5. The person with the stinkiest house this side of the mighty Mississipp:

Dirty diapers in a diaper pail

6. The person who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that God observes our suffering on Earth with an indifferent eye:

spilled chili in a car

7. The person who should have never investigated that sound:

A broken stove

8. The person whose car belongs to the road now:

"That's not ideal."

9. The person whose pizza was really screwed up:

Someone holding a screw they found in their pizza

10. The person with the most vampire-proof house this side of, again, the mighty Mississipp:

"I dropped garlic EVERYWHERE."

11. The person who is now trapped forever and ever and ever:

a person's finger stuck in a pipette

12. The person who got their heart broken by a sign:

"We are not selling anything on Facebook Marketplace."

13. The person who got the new limited-edition 3rd-grader PS5 controller:

"My little brother drew on my PS5 controller"

14. The person with the most Italian keyboard this side of the mighty Tiber-sipp:

"I dropped lasagne on my keyboard."

15. The person whose window lived out their sky-diving dream:

"I just closed my window when..."

16. The person whose package finally found its eternal resting place:

"I can't get it out."

17. The person who learned never to pull on that which you aren't ready to tear:

Someone with a torn T-shirt

18. The person whose bed is now the world's largest plate:

"I spilled."

19. And the person whose boots need to RELAX:

"I dropped hand sanitizer on my new boots."