18 Poor, Tormented Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

    Yikes, yikes, yikes.

    If you just had the absolute worst week, just remember...

    1. The person whose humidifier really put a damper on things:

    Two people on a TV screen that has a thick vertical line on it, with caption "Putting the humidifier under the TV was a mistake"

    2. The person who was voted "Most Likely to Have to Get a Ring Surgically Removed":

    Close-up of a hand with a finger wearing a class ring with a large blue stone that looks very tight, with caption "So, my class ring is stuck"

    3. The person who was betrayed by the french fries they loved the most:

    Kitchen after a fire with extensive damage to cabinets and walls; burnt cookware on the stove, with caption: "I forgot I was heating frying oil"

    4. The person whose ring is lost to the crevices of their bathroom:

    Bottle of hand soap on a bathroom sink counter next to a wall, with arrow pointing to gap between wall and sink, with caption, "My ring is stuck right here"

    5. The person whose shoes just got a fresh new dye job:

    Overturned cart with spilled red wine on a garage floor, next to a person's foot wearing a stained sneaker, with caption: "Not only did I drop a bottle of wine, I spilled it over my new white shoes"

    6. The person who is about to eat Schrödinger's chips:

    An upside-down open bag of chips on a patterned carpet with a few chips visible at the bottom and caption, "Why"

    7. The person whose dinner is now one with the floor:

    A storage room with spilled soup on the floor and a dog peeking from a shelf and caption "There goes dinner"

    8. The person whose basement is now an in-ground pool:

    A flooded basement with furniture partially submerged in water with caption, "Someone left the garden hose on"

    9. The person who gave their baby the most beautiful name:

    Birth certificate issued with the name Korn, parents express surprise and humor online

    10. The person who got a little extra iron in their nutritious serving of hot dogs:

    Hand holding a package of mini smoked wieners containing a thick bolt with caption "There's a BOLT in my little hot dogs"

    11. The person who got a little extra cronch with their water:

    Person holding an empty stainless steel water bottle with a small indentation at the bottom and small, dark dots at the bottom, with caption, "The water bottle I've been drinking from all week apparently had a bunch of ants in it"

    12. The person whose stairs will smell of beef for the rest of all time:

    Overturned food container with spilled meal on carpeted step with caption, "There go my leftovers"

    13. The person whose egg went absolutely nuclear:

    Frying pan on a stove containing one sausage and a partially cooked, misshapen fried egg missing the yolk, which is now on the stovetop, with caption "My egg yolk exploded"

    14. The person who was lucky enough to find a friendly little worm in their fruit:

    Liquid with some peach slices and a white squiggly object in a cup, with caption, "Found a worm in my can of peaches after I almost finished it"

    15. The person who might want to turn the volume down:

    Close-up of a person's ear with an earbud deep inside, with caption "My headphone is stuck in my ear"

    16. The person who got a fun souvenir from the dentist:

    Person showing a piece of a tooth on a surface, with caption "My root canal filling fell out"

    17. The person who experienced true soup tragedy:

    A bowl of noodle soup with vegetables and shrimp on a kitchen counter, with part of the bowl shattered, with caption, "My bowl exploded, and now there's soup everywhere"

    18. And the person whose sign went more ignored than any sign has ever been ignored:

    Sign in a fridge next to a plastic container top missing the bottom that reads, "DO NOT TAKE FOOD FROM THE FRIDGE THAT IS LABELLED WITH SOMEONE ELSES NAME AND NOT YOURS" with caption "Yep, my food got stolen"