19 Poor, Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

    Now, that ain't great at all.

    If you just had the absolute worst day, just remember...

    1. The person whose mom likes her iPads super toasty:

    Cracked tablet screen obstructing view with visible reflection of overhead lighting

    2. The person who drove into the one place you should never drive into:

    Car driven into an auto service bay

    3. The person who just got conked on the head by nature's wrath:

    Person holds three large hailstones in their hand with a grassy area and pathway in the background

    4. The person who had a very rational reaction to seeing an insect:

    An oven door is open with shattered glass on the floor

    5. The person who loves all their pets very much, I'm sure:

    Fresh concrete sidewalk with paw prints; labeled "Dog" near large prints and "Cat" by smaller prints

    6. The person who straight-up went William Tell mode on their cellphone:

    A person's hand holding a smartphone with a shattered screen pierced by a small spear

    7. The person who quite literally laundered their money:

    Shredded US dollar bills scattered on a white surface

    8. The person who lived the Italian nightmare:

    Spilled spaghetti and meatballs and an empty container on a wooden floor

    9. The person whose car is about to be very, very sticky:

    A car interior with soda spattered all over the front seat, driver's side, steering wheel, and door

    10. The person who is going to be cleaning goop out of their oven until the cows come home:

    A pizza in an oven on a plastic tray that has melted through the oven rack

    11. The person who just needs a break:

    Hand holding a grilled cheese sandwich showing a slice of American cheese still in the plastic, with a bite taken out

    12. The person whose house will, at the very least, ward off any and all vampires for the foreseeable future:

    A jar of spilled minced garlic on the floor beside an open microwave door

    13. The person who almost got caught by a fish beyond the grave:

    A small hook alongside pieces of fish on a white plate

    14. The person whose dinner is about to make everyone in a three-block radius sneeze:

    Pot on stove with tomato sauce and meatballs with a massive amount of black pepper on top

    15. The person who spilled an absolutely comical amount of paper shreddings:

    A shredded paper mess on the floor with an overturned shredder and a glimpse of a pet cat

    16. The person whose garlic bread just solved the Lament Configuration:

    A kitchen oven with an open door, revealing flames engulfing garlic bread inside

    17. The person whose record just got extra wavy:

    A hand holding a damaged, partially melted LP record that was left on a stove

    18. The person who's about to go bobbing for mascara:

    Close-up of a sink drain with a tube of mascara barely visible at the bottom

    19. And the person whose headphones look positively delicious:

    A hand holding a partially opened earbuds container with sweet-and-sour sauce spilled all over them