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19 Poor, Poor Souls Who Just Had A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Week Than You

Oooooooof. Not great.

If you just had a bad, bad, bad week, just remember...

1. The person whose truck lost its battle with the beach:

People on a vehicle standing by a car in the sand

2. The person who will be using a lint roller on their jeans until the cows come home:

A pair of heavily lint-covered pants on a washing machine

3. The person who is going to have to play the worst game of bobbing for apples the world has ever seen:

"Whoops" with a paintbrush in a paint can

4. The person whose dreams were smashed before their eyes:

Overturned pan with spilled brownies on a patterned doormat, near a house door

5. The person who ordered extra mold on their pizza:

Hand holding slices of pepperoni with visible mold above a pizza pie

6. The person whose patio table simply ceased to exist:

Shattered glass scattered around an upright structure on a brick surface, with a rake nearby

7. The person who straight-up had a Hanna-Barbera cartoon moment while fishin' down at the crick:

A fishing pole hanging from a tree branch above a river with trees in the background

8. The person who learned time's oldest lesson:

Person with a short back and sides haircut that was supposed to be a fade, viewed from the back

9. The person who will handle cumin like radioactive material from now on:

A pair of white high-top sneakers with lots of reddish stains are on a patterned floor next to a door

10. The person whose package has found its eternal resting place:

Box completely filling a mailbox slot, visible through an open door

11. The person who learned that the best mornings start with a huge mess to clean up:

Coffee all over the car seat and the words "Great start to my morning"

12. The person whose dryer got a cool new makeover:

Ink marks on the inside of a dryer and the words "pen + dryer ="

13. The person who pretty much got stuck like a character in The Sims:

A bicycle is stuck sideways between a fence and a wooden railing on a long, narrow porch

14. The person who was betrayed by the pancake they loved the most:

A close-up of a beige sofa with pillows and blueberry pieces/stains all over it

15. The person who left a trail of berry:

Carpeted floor with circled blackberry stains on it after person stepped on a berry

16. The person who created this monstrosity:

One big,  charred, and crispy blob on a tray that's supposed to be separate cookies

17. The person whose rear end is now accepting thoughts and prayers:

Hand holding a square of very thin toilet paper with the fingers of the hand holding it visible through it

18. The person who got a little extra value in their lunch today:

Cooked pasta in a container with a wormy insect visible

19. And the person whose plant is laughing at them from the Great Beyond:

Overturned plant pot with soil spilled inside a laundry basket and on clothes and the floor