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Oh My God, I Honestly Feel Sorry For These 20 People Who Are Having The Absolute Worst Week Ever

Not great, folks. Not great at all.

1. The person whose car is buried boundless and bare beneath the lone and level snow:

Car buried deep in snow

2. The person whose laptop looks absolutely delicious now:

parm cheese spilled on a laptop

3. The person whose jelly-filled donut was an absolute affront to all things good and jam filled:

Donut with just a tiny speck of jelly in the center

4. The person who, thankfully, was able to locate their lost AirPods:

AirPods in Hawaii, far away from the user

5. The person who now must go on a hero's journey to retrieve their TP:

Toilet paper that rolled away from a person

6. The person who was lucky enough to witness the miracle of conception on their morning drive:

Two cats mating in the middle of the road as driver watches

7. The person whose coat hanger had a bit of an accident:

Wood glue that looks like waste

8. The person whose headphones are nice and moisturized:

Headphone in red goop

9. The person who would have been better off listening to the Oct. 31, 1998, "Wolfman's Brother" vacuum solo than getting into this mess:

Headphones tangled in a vacuum

10. The person who just lived every gym-goer's worst nightmare:

Sweat stain in the shape of a rear end on a mat, with caption "I put my head on this"

11. The person who just hooked a tree up with the ride of a lifetime:

Keys hanging from a tree branch

12. The person whose roommate does unspeakable things to this poor pan:

Gunk-filled pan

13. The person who's eating spaghetti and feet-balls for dinner tonight:

Cooked spaghetti and sauce spilled in a shoe

14. The person whose stairs just got a visit from the ghost of Jackson Pollock:

Paint spilled on stairs

15. The person whose sandwich had a very special ingredient:

a sandwich that has a bite taken out of it with the cheese stilled wrapped up

16. The person who created a winter wonderland at their place of employment:

ice machine left on creating a ton of ice spilling into a room

17. The person who really needs to work on their pelling:

A person getting points taken off for spelling errors, but in the note about the spelling, it's misspelled as "pelling"

18. The person who found a magical worm inside their pistachio:

A worm inside a pistachio shell

19. The person who found the elusive green orange:

An orange in a bag covered in green mold

20. And the person who will never financially recover from this mistake:

A carton of broken eggs dropped on the ground