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    25 Pictures That'll Remind Millennials Of An Extremely Specific Time And Place In Your Life

    It's like I'm back there.

    Come with me, if you will. Back to...

    1. Putting your elbows on the cold, cold surface of these tables in chemistry class:

    2. Running around a wooden playground, trying not to run into a bee nest or get a handful of splinters:

    3. Hoping and praying there'd be a copy of the movie you want behind the box:

    4. Sitting on the bus on a rainy wet day, drawing on the window:

    5. Sitting in the back seat of a car looking out the window and "racing" the drops of water:

    6. Sitting down in a basement playing Nintendo on a giant wooden TV:

    7. Waiting at the roller skating rink to get your skates, smelling that unmistakable roller skating rink smell:

    8. Drinking out of the hose and smelling that sweet, sweet hose smell:

    9. Building the ultimate fort in the living room:

    10. Smelling that distinct "bus seat" smell:

    11. Riding in a car with metal ashtrays and burning the hell out of your arm on a hot summer day:

    12. Seeing this outside a friend's house and knowing that's where the party was:

    13. Running your hand along the wall exactly like this:

    14. Sitting at this exact table and having some of the dumbest conversations of your life:

    15. Playing with one of these at the dentist or doctor's office, which seems to have disappeared in recent years:

    16. Walking through the grocery store, pulling down every coupon you could possibly pull down:

    17. Playing games you never owned in the store while your parents shopped:

    18. Looking under the cap and hoping you won big:

    19. Diving deep to the bottom of the pool to get these rings:

    20. Going to the store to listen to new music on the headphones they had there:

    21. Walking into gym class and realizing it's the dreaded day of the sit and reach test:

    22. Spending way too long flipping through posters you never bought:

    23. Falling asleep in the back of the class while a teacher used the overhead projector:

    24. Spending way too long trying to figure out what your arcade tickets could get you:

    25. And hanging at this exact spot after a long day of school:

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