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25 Thoughts Basically Every Person Has Had At Least Once In Their Life

Can't help it.

1. "I'm doing something illegal":

me before going through security at airport: what if i accidentally have a gun

2. "Better double-check":

3. "These three minutes are crucial":

4. "I definitely heard that":

5. "But what if I need three pairs that day":

6. "2007 was a few years ago":

7. "This is it":

8. "I need to noise":

9. "Gotta be a forklift":

10. "Lemme turn it down":

11. "This is my domicile":

12. "My calculations are complete":

13. "Where IS IT":

14. "I must never speak again":

15. "Why'd I say it that way":

16. "Might as well wait":

17. "I need to conserve":

18. "Shipping's too much":

19. "I am the king of the house":

20. "Today is my real day off":

21. "I can do this":

22. "Wed-nes-day":

23. "Glasses are incredible":

24. "Just better check":

25. "I need to find that":