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    This Is What Happens To A Blockbuster Video After It Dies

    Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are gone for good, right? UPDATE: Yup, they're officially gone for good. Dish Network will shutter the remaining stores over the next two months.

    It's probably been a while since you saw one of these out in the wild:

    Or one of these:

    Or better yet, one of these:

    But while the video stores might have closed, it doesn't change the fact that the building is most likely still there. So what do you do when you're left with the ghost of a video store?

    You can start selling liquor:

    Or turn it into a sports bar:

    You can just try painting over the past:

    Or try to make it more beautiful:

    You can turn it into a discount furniture store:

    Or a smoke shop:

    Or a different kind of rental store:

    You can open up a beauty supply store:

    Or you could try to sell some flooring:

    Or you could just do the American thing and sell some fireworks:

    But at this point it might just make sense to throw everything in the trash:



    Photos via r/NotFoolingAnybody.