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35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

Everything on this list is either irreplaceable or gone forever... BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!

1. One of these bad boys:

2. A man with a better name than "Pappy DreWitt":

3. A handheld game as hard as this:

4. Anyone ever climb the Aggro-Crag again:

5. A better team than these three:

6. Anything with a sweeter, more delicious smell than these:

7. More solid proof than this that magic exists:

8. A better substitute for cigarettes:

Or for medicine:

Just kidding, everyone knows that this guy was the best medicine for when you stayed home sick:

9. A more effective makeshift Frisbee:

10. A more stressful time in school:

11. A better cereal box prize:

12. A cartoon character that required as much thought as this guy:

13. A movie that makes you want to taste a leaf more:

14. A better hiding spot than inside one of these:

15. Anyone who thinks they're cool with one of these:

16. Anyone that gives more vital information than her:

Or better advice than Mr. Feeny:

17. A greater selection of books than in these:

18. A screensaver half as hypnotizing as this one:

19. Trix in the shape of fruit:

20. Another one of these:

21. A toy more confusing than "Floam":

22. A stranger way to chew gum:

Or a more misguided, confused bubble gum:

23. Any of these drinks in your fridge:

Or these foods in the grocery store:

24. A more effective way of collecting candy:

25. A scene from a movie that's sadder than this one:

26. A game with a catchier theme song:

Or a game that tore apart as many friendships as this:

27. Anything more suspenseful than these:

28. A more groundbreaking form of art:

Or an even more groundbreaking way to make art:

29. Anything as terrifying as the clown from "It":

30. A commercial that actually makes you want to buy a magazine:

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31. A more effective way to learn how to drive:

32. Two twins that are more annoying than these two:

33. A more stylish way to travel:

Or a better way to navigate:

34. Anyone go down one of these slides at Discovery Zone again:

35. Oh, yeah, and this:

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