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50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

If we forget the past, then we are doomed to eat green ketchup again.


1. The first time you predicted your future with 100% accuracy:

2. The joy of walking into gym class and seeing this laid out on the floor:

3. Slowly driving yourself insane trying to use one of these relics:

4. The utmost importance of The Original Three:

5. The first time you took your family out West:

6. Every time you popped in one of these absolute classics:

Only to see this screen:

And this one too:

7. Your first MP3 player:

8. The day you became a master painter:

And the day you became a witch:

9. The most delicious 10 seconds of your life:

10. The day you realized reading is much better when you're reading a Little Golden Book:

11. All the beautiful music made with this:

12. Your first work of art:

13. The horror of losing one of these:

And the abject despair of seeing this happen to your beloved slinky:

And the terror of green ketchup:

14. The first time you dropped one of these and it exploded all over the place:

15. Attempting to eat one of these, but mostly just getting it all stuck in your teeth:

16. The toy that got your through the darkest (and greenest) of times:

17. The hardest game of all time:


18. Trying in vain to click all the colors down at once:

19. The joy of finding out what's inside:

20. Seeing these bad boys every time you opened your kitchen cabinet:

21. The ORIGINAL hunger game:

22. What to do immediately when you see six lines:

...this, obviously:

23. Grabbing a cold one after a long day in one of these cups:

24. The only reason you were healthy as a child:

25. The best way to tell someone you care about them:

26. This sweet, sweet nectar:

27. Pulling the top off of these and giving it a good ol'-fashioned lick:

28. Knowing which one of these smells the best (hint: not brown):

29. The finest of fine china:

30. Rooting for your favorite raindrop to win the "race" on a long car ride:

31. The exact height of the Leaning Tower of Cheeza:

And the exact plot of your favorite Disney Channel original:

32. Spending sick days at home with Bob:

33. Walking into the book fair and making the hardest decision of your life:

34. Getting down and dirty with Elmer's:

35. The first time you ever cared about math:

36. The Holy Grail of lunchtime desserts:

37. Cruising around town on these ankle killers:

Or staying inside and cruising around the town on this thing:

38. The first time you realized that these are simultaneously the coolest and least functional erasers ever:

39. Walking through the land of possibilities:

40. The first and only time you felt emotionally attached to a toaster:

41. All out water balloon war:

42. A nice, sticky high five:

43. Making very, very important calls on this:

44. Waiting for what felt like an eternity for this to connect:

45. Being insanely jealous of this room despite knowing you'd have to wake up at 6 a.m. every single morning:

46. Every single word to this jingle:

47. Making out like a bandit on Halloween with these in tow:

48. Painting your tongue full of sugary, sugary deliciousness (and probably future health problems):

49. The movie that made you want a pet so, so badly (and also cry so, so much):

50. The day you realized that not only is it OK to eat dirt and worms, it's actually delicious:

And the wisdom of Mr. Rogers, the wisest man you ever knew: