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    28 Things That Caused Unimaginable Pain To Every Single Millennial, The Likes Of Which Gen Z Will Never Experience

    I've got the scars to prove it.

    If you grew up sometime in the last 30 years, chances are you...

    1. Had your shins absolutely annihilated by these:

    2. Still remember the clickity-clack of this jump rope right before it smacked the life out of you:

    3. Burned the hell out of your legs on a slide like this on a hot summer day:

    4. Had your ankles destroyed by an uncontrolled scooter:

    5. Still have welts on your body from these:

    6. Got a near-concussion after getting hit in the head by an old, water-clogged soccer ball:

    Westend61 / Getty Images

    7. Shocked the hell out of your finger on some shock gum:

    8. Ran your fingers over with one of these:

    9. Can still feel the pain of stepping on a LEGO:

    10. Can still smell the toxic fumes from one of these:

    11. Had one of these hit you full speed upside the head:

    12. Burned yourself trying to fasten your scalding metal seatbelt:

    13. Gave yourself a "Mike Tyson uppercut" trying to keep this underwater:

    14. Slapped someone or yourself a liiiiiiittle too hard with a slap bracelet:

    15. Still can feel the Joker style cuts on the sides of your mouth from eating a Freeze Pop:

    16. Have burns on your fingers from a toy oven:

    17. Flattened your fingers carrying a 50 pound box TV:

    18. Still have marks on your heel from a barbie comb:

    19. Got hit in the eye by the seams of a Sock 'Em Bopper:

    20. Were severely injured at your grandma's house by one of these turned upside down:

    21. Wacked the hell out of your ankle while skipping with a Skip-it:

    22. Experienced your first neck strain playing video game demos in the store for a little too long:

    23. Still have to look down to make sure you don't step on one of these toe destroyers:

    24. Had one of these Perfection pieces jammed into your foot:

    25. Still remember stepping on one of these:

    26. Still have bruises on your thumb from trying to make these work:

    27. Got your hair caught going down one of these slides:

    28. Got your fingers caught in a wooden snake:


    In conclusion:

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