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32 Things That Will Make You Miss The Old Days Of The Internet

Or have the exact opposite effect. I kind of like the internet the way it is now.

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1. Screen savers that belong in a museum:


2. And desktops that belong there too:


4. The sweet relief when you saw this:

...after being forced to listen to this for 15 minutes:

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5. Seeing this guy on EVERY SINGLE website:

6. Viruses that were kinda cute:

7. The overwhelming rage seeing a paper clip brought you:

8. The greatest feeling in the world:

9. A mouse that comes complete with a ball you can play with:

10. Checking out Main Street:

11. Getting exceptionally good at clicking out of pop-ups:

12. Free Frisbees in the mail:

13. Computers with a lot more LIFE:

14. Getting the holy grail of messages on MySpace:

15. Blastin' some math:

16. Or munchin' some numbers:


18. Firing up a game of this:


19. Or this:


20. Painting your latest masterpiece with all the tools you need on this:

21. Or this:

22. The sweet relief of finally getting something to load:

23. Being able to chat with and warn friends:

24. The original Wikipedia:

25. The only game you ever need to play:

26. The finest media player ever built:

Maybe finest is the wrong word. Maybe finest is actually the complete opposite.

Maybe finest is the wrong word. Maybe finest is actually the complete opposite.

27. A place to carry out all of your shenanigans:


28. Finally finding a perfect copy of the new Linkin Park album on Kazaa:

29. Losing Nicole's dead weight on the trail:

30. Having your very own butler:

31. Cruisin' the web on this bad boy:

32. And hearing people talk about the internet like this:

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On second thought, I'm perfectly happy with the internet the way it is now.

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