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33 Things That Made You A Total Badass In Elementary School

Calling all Elementary School Badasses.

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Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. A fresh pack of Crayons WITH the built-in sharpener:

2. Blue glue. None of that white glue nonsense:

3. Huffin' some marker scents:

4. Finishing this way before all those other chumps in class:

5. Waltzing into this with a pocket full of money:

6. Showing off your endless amount of art supplies. Yeah, that's an ERASER.

7. Writing naughty things on your calculator:

So badass:

8. Having the flyest project on the block:

9. Surviving butt scooter day:

10. Ripping glue off your hands like it wasn't even a big deal:

11. Opening your eyes juuuuuust a little bit so you could recognize shoes during 7-Up:

12. Busting out one of these and twisting the hell out of it:

13. Shootin' up lead:

14. Waltzing into the lunchroom with one of these bad boys:

15. Consulting that magical eraser to make life decisions:

16. The ol' finger trick:

17. Sword fights to the death with these:

18. Not even CARING when you got this punishment:

19. Getting that sweet, sweet sugar high:

20. Doing this with your pencil:

21. Getting your witch fingers on:


22. Trying to put all three colors down AT THE SAME DAMN TIME:

23. Dressing up your No. 2 pencil with this baby:

24. Hanging out at this chill spot:

25. Showing off your balancing skills:

26. Seeing if the legend was true:


27. Consulting the fortune-teller:

28. A fresh eraser on the back of your Dixon Ticonderoga:

29. Doing some gym class tumbles on this hard-as-concrete mat:

30. Getting up to show off your hot new outfit here:

31. Coming away from this "NOT IT":

32. Making your mark:

33. And dying of cholera:



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