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28 Things Kids Today Will Never Get To Experience

Be glad you grew up when you did.

1. Spending countless hours making the perfect mix tape:

2. And consummating this beautiful relationship:

3. This horrible, horrible sound:

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4. Finding your friends in the phonebook:

5. Having no idea who is calling you:

6. Seeing a website like this and getting excited about how good it looks:

7. Having to make the very difficult decision of what music downloader to use:

8. Eating these delicious, delicious foods:

9. Or drinking these sweet, beautiful drinks:

10. The frustration caused by getting a phone cord tangled:

11. Fixing a video game with the old "blow trick:"

12. These horrible, horrible problems:

And especially this:

13. Finding the hidden treasure inside a mouse:

14. Prank calling strangers and not worrying about getting your ass beat:

15. These relics:

And these too:

16. Or having to find what show you want to watch using this:

17. The 'F' in WWF:

18. A ninth planet:

19. Going into one of these stores for a quick movie rental:

Or to pay some late fees:

20. Having a birthday party at Discovery Zone:

21. Using the original texting in class:

22. Being off the grid when you leave your home:

23. Getting a new computer in one of these bad-ass cow boxes:

24. Having to rewind a video tape:

25. The satisfaction of seeing someone conquer the Aggro Crag:

26. The world's cheapest frisbee:

27. Hitting the jackpot in a cereal box:

Or a happy meal:

28. And terrifying '90s clothes: