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    Each And Every One Of These 50 Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Month

    The skeleton of a giraffe's leg is even bigger than my wildest dreams could have imagined.

    1. George Jetson is about to be born on August 27:

    2. Dandelions can be gigantic:

    3. Deep scars don't sweat:

    4. Artichokes can be beautiful:

    5. This is what the original Pride flag looked like:

    6. Cigarettes really do a number on a healthy plant:

    7. A movie on July 18, 1993, cost $3.50:

    8. The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is...underwhelming:

    9. Your brain looks like an old piece of gum:

    10. This is what a blue jay going through puberty looks like:

    It's NOT just a phase, mom.

    11. You can find balls of salt in the Dead Sea. BALLS OF SALT!

    12. A giraffe's leg is even bigger than my wildest dreams could have imagined:

    13. This is what a nude Twix looks like:

    14. This is the rocking chair Abe Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot:

    15. This is what an ASL word search looks like:

    16. The oldest living dog is a cute lil' son of a gun:

    Read more here.

    17. There are 3D yearbooks for the blind and visually impaired:

    18. Parking spaces with lines all the way up the wall in front of you exist and need to be a thing everywhere:

    19. You can't put cartoons on food packaging in Chile:

    Read more about why here.

    20. Some ovens will tell you when you started cooking if you forget to put a timer on:

    Bless this.

    21. This is how huge a moose's tooth is:

    22. Australian tax returns tell you where your taxes go:

    23. This is what your blood without red blood cells looks like:

    It's plasma.

    24. There used to be typewriters with the sole purpose of writing music:

    25. Some movie theaters have the answer to the question that's on literally everyone's mind after a movie:

    26. The Boston Bruins know how to party:

    27. This is what a 150-year-old tomato looks like:

    Read more about the 150 year old seeds here.

    28. Some roads have truly unique speed limits:

    29. This is what a $500 bill looks like:

    That's President McKinley on it.

    30. Hurricanes are really, really, really powerful:

    31. Pink grasshoppers are out there in the wild:

    Read more about them here.

    32. Goth ice cream is a thing that exists that you can eat:

    33. You can finally rest: This is what a polished coconut looks like:

    34. There is no greater technological achievement than this:

    35. Some keypads randomize their numbers so people can't watch your hands:

    36. Bees work fast. Very fast:

    Oh no.

    37. Some airports have bathrooms just for dogs:

    38. If you sever a nerve in your finger, it won't prune anymore:

    39. You can replace your boring office chair wheels with rollerblade wheels for MAXIMUM SPEED:

    40. This is what a $10 coin looks like:

    Okay, so it's not actually legal tender. It's a commemorative coin from the now-defunct and never formally recognized Principality of Hutt River in Australia.

    41. The Portuguese care about their cellphone tower aesthetics:

    42. This is what Pangea looks like with modern borders:

    The map is from 2012 and by Massimo Pietrobon.

    43. There IS a difference between jam, jelly, preserves, and butter:

    44. Some brilliant mind finally fixed the infamous "huge gap in the bathroom stall" problem:

    45. There are absolutely enormous snakes in ALABAMA, of all places:

    46. This is what the mold Goldfish are made out of looks like:

    47. This is what a juvenile tyrannosaur tooth looks like:

    48. Some remotes have a button just for soccer:

    49. Revolving fridges exist:

    50. And, finally, on September 2nd, 2019, an incredible thing happened: