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    Okay, Literally Every Single One Of These 21 Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

    Now that's one of the cooler things I've seen.

    1. Fifty-seven dollars worth of gold looks like a very, very, very tiny square:

    2. White apples exist:

    They're known as white cloud apples and produce a "sweet, sub-acidic flavor in mid summer."

    3. In 1947 you could get a hotel in Hawaii for $8:

    4. The ultimate Jenga tower has been ACHIEVED:

    5. Pickles look cool as all hell under an ultraviolet light:

    6. Unseasoned Doritos are, well, tortilla chips:

    7. The birthing suite at a Danish hospital is nicer than my apartment:

    8. Counterfeit tens look hilarious:

    9. Germans have dedicated "puke sinks" for when you party a little too hard:

    10. As the caption says, lemons float, limes sink:

    11. Storms can be "move an entire piece of road" levels of powerful:

    12. Blueberries can be BIGBERRIES:

    13. Some toasters have truly solved the world's most pressing problem with a button:

    14. This is what a fork looks like before it's born:

    15. Pineapples flower like this:

    16. Peas from 1928 are an entire vibe. A pibe, if you will:

    17. Anonychia congenita is a condition that leads to the absence of toenails and fingernails:

    18. Some traffic lights show you how long you have left:

    19. Some flashlights have weights in them to add some heft:

    20. Hundred-sided dice are INTENSE:

    21. And keys? Well, my friend, keys can be super long: