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25 Things Literally Everyone Experienced As A Kid But Never, Ever Talks About

We really all had the same childhood.

As a kid, pretty much everyone...

1. Clipped their mouth shut for some reason:

clip on a mouth

2. Played the comb:

person rubbing their hand on a comb

3. Saw the world in Ruler-Vision:

ruler held up to eyes to see the world through it

4. Did this exact move at the sink:

water running through the middle of a hand

5. Made a beautiful bubble with some dish soap and your hand:

6. Closed one eye and then other to change the way you saw things:

Twitter: @rules_twt

7. Ran up the stairs like this:

running up the stairs on all fours

8. Developed a "smoking" habit:

fake smoking with cold air

9. Clamped one of these on their finger:

butterfly clip on a finger

10. Sat in the highest chair possible:

Algunos placeres de la infancia no tienen explicación

Twitter: @Lapreviaok_

11. Experienced the miracle of birth:

12. Got your fingers stuck in a table like this:

fingers stuck in a table

13. Raced raindrops:

14. Rolled up your straps to pass time:

15. Poured themselves a "shot":

water bottle pouring into a cap

16. Stabbed the life out of an eraser:

17. Stuck a pin in their finger:

18. Ran their hand along the wall exactly like this:

finger running along a crevice

19. Pulled as many coupons as they could get their hands on:

20. Pretended to have pool powers:

person in the corner of a poo llike spiderman

21. Ate macaroni like a cultured human:

22. Felt like the highest of high society:

Twitter: @RespectfulMemes

23. Tried to push 'em all down:

multicolored pen

24. Gave it a l'il poke:

25. And smacked that leaf:

Twitter: @eduardonut0

Ya gotta smack the leaf.