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    Updated on Jun 11, 2020. Posted on Sep 5, 2018

    28 Snacks From Your Childhood That You'll Probably Never Eat Again

    My mouth is watering.

    1. Cheetos... FROM OUTER SPACE:

    2. Little pink orbs made of yogurt:

    3. Miniature cookies you can eat 400 of in one sitting:

    4. Radioactive sugar goop:

    Hubba Bubba

    5. Creme Savers... sweet, beautiful Creme Savers:

    6. Simply TWISTED Cheetos:

    7. Little blue orbs of FRESHNESS:

    8. Chocolate... IN CHIP FORM:

    9. Moist, moist, moist Oreos:

    10. Cereal with the milk already in the damn thing:

    General Mills

    11. Cereal... IN STRAW FORM:

    12. Candy coated Kisses that totally didn't look like lost pieces from the board game Sorry:

    13. Sour Altoids that destroyed the roof of your mouth:

    14. Mint... skittles??? MINT SKITTLES:

    15. Mutant ketchup:

    16. A slightly thinner Pop-Tart that makes it somehow more portable and more delicious:

    Even thinner Pop-Tarts:

    17. Skittles you can chew 'til the end of time:

    18. Uncrustables... but they're bagels... THEY'RE BAGELS:

    19. The best way to eat 257 s'mores in one sitting:

    20. The snack everyone always begged for... stackable Fruit Roll-Ups:

    Betty Crocker

    21. Possibly the greenest soda in existence:

    22. Candy that let you paint your tongue in sugar:

    23. Pringles with writing on them for some reason:

    24. Popsicles with Rugrats all over them:


    26. Peanut butter you can suck out of a G.D. tube:

    27. Sprite... but REMIXED:

    28. And a candy bar that was, like, totally not candy and totally good for you:

    Way better than candy, right?

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