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35 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Flashbacks To Your Childhood

The mems... they're coming back.

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1. One of these every morning:

2. The world's best/most dangerous/wasp filled playground:

3. These delicious treats crafted by the gods:

4. This lie:

5. Shootin' up lead:

6. 30 seconds of pure, unfiltered, tinny music:

7. The activities every gym needs:

8. Stamp markers:


10. "Water go down the hole":


11. The saddest moments of your childhood:

12. The tools to becoming a master painter:

13. Sweet, sweet hose water:

14. Glow in the dark cereal:

15. Opening up a box of love bugs:

16. The only books that REALLY mattered:

17. Playing this until the internet started working again:

18. The green and red light which lead the way:

19. High stakes card games:


20. Toys to build a dream on:

21. Walking into a classroom only to see this:

22. Cruising around town on this:


23. Being the most popular person when you had these:

24. Your video collection:

25. The ol' %n trick:

26. When your parents wouldn't let you have a real dog:

27. Dying of dysentery:

28. These. Oh, lord, these:

29. Sliding down one of these at Discovery Zone:

30. The leaning tower of Cheeza:


31. Waiting in the dentist's office playing this:

32. Filling these up with candy:

33. These cups making everything taste just a LITTLE better:


34. The gang:

ABC, Nickelodeon

35. And the only vital advice that ever mattered:

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