The Definitive Ranking Of College Dorm Room Posters

    Audrey, Bob, those two girls kissing: They're all here. BUT WHAT WILL TAKE THE NUMBER ONE SPOT?!?!

    25. Animal House

    24. Pulp Fiction

    23. Bob Marley Looking Slightly to the Left

    22. The Kramer

    21. Einstein with His Tongue Out

    20. David Beckham with His Shirt Off

    19. Giraffes Making Out

    18. The Periodic Table of Mixology

    17. Muhammad Ali Standing over Sonny Liston

    16. "Starry Night"

    15. Bob Marley Looking Slightly to the Right

    14. An Ice Formation

    13. Guy in a Windy Room

    12. An Atomic Bomb

    11. "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt

    10. Keep Calm and Carry On

    9. Marilyn Monroe Biting her Fingernails

    8. Two Women Kissing

    7. Some MC Escher Bullshit

    6. A Scarface Movie Poster

    5. Audrey Hepburn

    4. Che

    3. Bob Marley Looking Straight into the Camera, Albeit in Mosaic Form

    2. A Poster with Some Reference to Beer Pong

    1. That One Pink Floyd Poster with All the Butts