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The 35 Cutest Facts Of All Time

I'm about to drop a bomb on you. An adorable, adorable bomb.

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15. Dolphins have names for one another.

"Each dolphin produces its own unique signature whistle that describes its individual identity," researchers said in a University of St. Andrews press release. "The new study suggests that in fact dolphins are mimicking those they are close to and want to see again."

25. You can tickle a penguin.

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27. There's a German shepherd who has become a seeing-eye dog for a blind spaniel. / Via

When Ellie, a blind spaniel, was adopted by shelter manager Jean Spencer, she never expected that her other dog, Leo, would choose to become her very own seeing-eye dog. “I take them for walks in the park and Leo guides Ellie around,” says Spencer. “He is so protective and herds the more boisterous dogs away from her.”

30. You know Koko the gorilla, who could communicate with sign language? Well, she had a pet kitten, and one time Koko's trainers went to visit Koko and saw that the sink had been ripped out of the wall. Koko, when asked who had done it, blamed it on the cat.

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