The 35 Best School Lunch Snacks Of All Time

No disagreeing — these are the best of the best.

So after finishing a square piece of cardboard pizza…

Or some delicious, delicious Lunchables pizza…

It’s time for some…

1. Ecto Cooler:

AKA the best damn drink ever made. RIP.

2. Crispy M&Ms:

AKA the finest M&M ever produced (and now discontinued in the U.S.).

3. Pretzel Sticks:

AKA a delicious alternative to smoking a cigarette.

4. Bubble Jug:

AKA the strangest gum to have ever existed.

5. Squeezit:

AKA the long-gone drink that should inspire every other drink to be squeezable.

6. PB Max:

AKA peanut butter heaven…where it now resides.

7. Trix Yogurt:

AKA the best cereal-to-other-food transition ever made.

8. Mondo:

AKA the poor man’s Squeezit.

9. Fruit by the Foot:

AKA as near-infinite candy (one foot is a lot)!

10. Caramel Apple Pops:


11. Sweet, sweet Dunkaroos:

AKA everyone’s favorite.

12. Shark Bites:

AKA a much less dangerous and much tastier alternative to an actual shark bite.

13. Fruit Strings:

AKA the poor man’s Fruit Roll-Up.

14. Surge:

AKA toxic sludge that tasted sort of like toxic sludge…but a delicious kind of sludge? You know what I’m talking about. RIP.

15. Gushers:

AKA the candy that gets stuck in your teeth so you never have to go back for more.

16. Butterfinger BBs:

AKA the best candy The Simpsons ever tried to sell.

17. Mango Sour Altoids:


18. Wonder Balls:

AKA one of the only candies you can actually choke on, which may explain why it isn’t around anymore.

19. Peanut Butter Oreos:

AKA an Oreo that made so much sense they had to discontinue it.

20. Reese’s Bites:

AKA little Reese’s you could sidearm at your friends’ eyeballs during lunch…or at least you used to; they’re long gone now.

21. 3-D Doritos:

AKA the deceased Doritos from another dimension.

22. Planters Cheez Balls:

AKA little cheeseballs you could also sidearm at your friends’ eyes during lunch. RIP.

23. Black Pepper Jack Doritos:

AKA the only Dorito that actually matters. RIP.

24. Choco Tacos:

AKA the perfect combination of everybody’s favorite two things: chocolate and Mexican food. Unfortunately, it does not work as well in ice cream form.

25. Slush Puppies:

AKA liquid GOLD.

26. PB Crisps:

AKA a food similar to peanuts, only 100 times more delicious. And 100 times more discontinued.

27. Magic Middles:

AKA the king of Keebler cookies, unfortunately no longer around.

28. Go Gurt:

AKA yogurt the way it was meant to be eaten: slopped through a tube.

29. Caprisun and Kool-Aid Jammers:

AKA liquid sugar, I’m sure.

30. These things:

AKA even more liquid sugar.

31. Push-Up Pops:

AKA a popsicle you can put in your pocket and save for later…maybe.

32. Worms in Dirt:


33. Mini M&Ms:

AKA the candy for the future pill-poppers of America.

34. Handi-Snacks:

AKA the grossest thing ever created…but somehow one of the more delicious ones.

35. And best of all, COSMIC BROWNIES:


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