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    18 Pictures You'll Understand If You're Permanently Tattooed By A Pencil

    You may forget it's there, but you'll never forget how you got it.

    1. You may forget it's there...

    Still have a pencil mark from where I got stabbed in 5th grade. Not how I envisioned my first tattoo.. #imasurvivor

    2. ...but you'll never forget HOW it got there:

    In third grade I stabbed myself with a sharp pencil and the mark is still there lol

    3. It happens all the time:

    4. And it still hasn't gone away:

    @GenderCoping @unkilledwoman Jos Truitt. Stabbed me with my own pen when I was eleven.

    5. And now you've got a tattoo for life:

    6. You can find them on your fingers...

    7. On knees...

    I still have a blue spot on my knee from when @reseriction stabbed me with a pen in 8th grade

    8. A little too close to a vein...

    When I was in 5th grade a kid stabbed my hand with a pencil and the lead broke off and it is still there to this day

    9. Even on your face:

    10. Do you have one of these lead tattoos?

    11. Are you tattooed for life?

    @Dam_its_mickey still got that blue mark on me from when you stabbed me with a pencil in year 8😂😂😂

    12. Just know: YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

    I forgot about this mark, I stabbed myself with a pencil in high school it's my right hand I'm bit abidextrous haha

    13. It's a badge of honor:

    Accidentally stabbed paul with a really sharp pencil in 7th grade & he still has the led in him, miss that crazy kid😂

    14. A beautiful lil' dot:

    15. A reminder of that one kid in seventh grade who stabbed you:

    Remember when you stabbed me with a pencil in 7th grade? @SavageSavidge


    I got stabbed with a pencil in the 8th grade and the mark is still there just a fun fact

    17. LOVE THE DOT:

    I got stabbed by a pencil 12 years ago and the graphite is still there haha #firsttattoo


    @inuHein 3. I have this dot since 2013 'cause I accidentally stabbed my finger with an ink pen LMAO