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    22 Of The Dumbest Arguments Americans Have Ever Made Against Cancelling Student Loans

    "I suffered, so everyone else should."

    Some context — Starting next month, students and former students across the United States will have to start paying their student loans again for the first time since March 2020. This has led to increased calls for the US government to cancel student loan debt, and increased whining from people who don't want that to happen. Here are some of the arguments the latter are making:

    1. The "I Can't Gift Money Away" argument:


    2. The "DVD Players" argument:

    3. The "I Worked Through It 50 Years Before Student Loans Existed" argument:

    4. The "No Excuses" argument:

    5. The "What About Doctors" argument:

    6. The "It's A Slap In The Face" argument:


    7. The "Join The Army" argument:


    8. The "It's Only Good When The Government Gives ME Money" argument:

    9. The "It's Their Choice" argument:

    10. The "I'm Not Babysitting Millennials" argument:


    11. The "My Bills Are MY Responsibility" argument:

    12. The "Kids Should Start Scavenging Early" argument:

    13. The "Everyone Needs To Do What I Did" argument:

    14. The "Work Multiple Jobs" argument:


    15. The "Get A Side Hustle" argument:

    16. The "Next Thing You're Gonna Tell Me HOUSING Is A Right Too" argument:


    17. The "If You Have Loans, You Shouldn't Be Able To Vote" argument:

    18. The "What's Next, Forgiving Medical Debt" argument:

    19. The "Money Is The Only Reason A Degree Matters" argument:


    20. The "I Went To Ivy League Schools" argument:


    21. The "Education Is Not A Human Right" argument:

    22. And the "I Did Back In My Day, Why Can't You" argument:

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    Hmmmm... wonder why.

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